Monday, October 23, 2006

Why I love the Sims 2

Because of their amazing bugs. I've bought the Sims 2 Pets on Friday and I was browsing a fansite forum, when I came across this post by a concerned player:

I had the weirdest thing happen after installing Pets. I created a dog and then called for an obedience trainer. They trainer sim came to the house but just sat in a van in front of the house sobbing and crying continuously! I couldn't get it to stop and I couldn't interact with the trainer sim. I ended up moving the family out and demolishing the lot. Has anyone else seen this?

That's such a great bug.

It seems that people don't have much luck even if the trainer is not upset, though, according to this answer:

My trainer won't train either. She came, I purchased training, then she sat on the couch and watched TV.


anon said...

Hmm. I think I should become a trainer.
If I can conquer the terminal depression I get paid for sitting on the couch and watching tv - hows that for a good job?

Shiniki said...

That's pretty funny, I've never had that happen to me, but then again I always have the owners train their pets. I personally love The Sims 2 for the myriad of ways I can torture digital versions of my enemies, but to each her own.

Owl Chick said...

I love Sims2, but I've been holding back on buying the expansions until they release the patches for them :)

Because they always do!

Regina D said...

I noticed this also concerning the trainer and then I cancelled all of the actions that I had between the family and the animal. The trainer then walked up to the animal and started to perform the requested training. In my case the trainer came into the house and just would not perform the requested training then finally I received a message that there were no animals that needed training in the house. I closed the house without saving and tried again and that's when I cancelled all of the actions between the family and the animal. Maybe this will help someone. I am just wishing that Maxis would now allow for more custom content to be recognized in Pets. I am getting errors when trying to use some really awesome custom items that I hate to part with (such as the bodybuilder mesh for men).

Anonymous said...

I had something similar, only with trying to adopt a baby. The adoption woman came in, put the baby on the ground and kept standing right next to it. Due to the small room she was in, my sim could not pick up the baby, so we were stuck like that for hours, while not being able to switch to buy or creative mode.

Anonymous said...

i love sims 2 because of the cheats you can play regular or if you want cheats. There are cheats for everything and the cheats are also really funny! =)

Gianna said...

I always suspect that when I leave my keys to builders to do work in the house, they behave just like that - alternately watching tv and crying in their van.

Chaz-xo said...

well the 19th of october was my birthday lol..
anyway, try move_objects on
if that van thing happons again! just do that code click buy mode then delete the van.
hahaa! you can move sims with it too.. like say if there are LOADS of people in the bathroom and you want them all out but none of them can get out, just use that.
motherlode - 50,000

Anonymous said...

I love the sims 2. Actually better than the sims 3. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's because TS2 is just simpler but in the best way possible. I've had NPC's come to my sims' house and 'watch tv'. I've had nanny's never leave.

Anonymous said...

I really like the downloads for the sims 2. That's why I relly didn't think we needed a sims 3. The possiblities were additive and endless.