Monday, October 02, 2006

UK Webcomic Thing 2007

I've booked a table for the UK Webcomic Thing 2007. Now I MUST get book 3 ready - maybe even book 4. I just shudder at the thought of printing episode 200 because it would have to span across two pages. It's a pain in the ass to do things by trial and error by normal post across two continents.
I'm also thinking of buying a badge maker and make buttons. I don't use them but I've seen people walking around the convention last year with so many badges on their clothes that I wondered how they still managed to move - so I guess that they are a popular item. If not, I can try to use them instead of coins in soda vending machines.
What else? I have some fridge magnets and stickers from last year (the pirate parrot was particularly popular) and very few t-shirts left. Time to print some more.
If only I didn't suck at organising this kind of stuff.


ogo said...

Hi, first of all, sorry for misusing the comments-section of your blog to post a suggestion for a strip - I know there is a dedicated thread for this on your message board, I just did not feel like registering and providing my e-mail address etc. just so I could post one single message. Also, this might be old news to you, since what I'm going to write about *seems* to have existed since EQ1, however I'm a longtime MMOG player myself (retired until DF comes out, maybe ;) and never heard of something like that until this day.

A little bit curious? I hope so. Just check out the following thread at the official WOW forums (don't need to read all the gadzillion pages of it, have mercy with your brain - the first postings and 6-7 followups should be enough to make yourself a picture). It's titled "1 person playing 4 toons at once":;jsessionid=11B6E80ECD09B251E306BB5C0DDAC27D?topicId=14541767&sid=1

and after that make sure to take a glance at this:

Now it's up to you of course whether you choose to use any of this in one of your strips or not but I sure as hell can imagine some funny shit being done with this, I have trust in your imagination and your "funny bone" (And no, not talking about THAT "funny bone", mind you. Also not about the other one, the one I know you've been thinking about for a second as well, which proves women are at least as much spoiled as men indeed ;). Okay, okay, I'll better stop now before I'll embarrass myself (oops, too late).


Anonymous said...

Good luck at the UK Webcomic Thing...I'll have to tell my brother about it, after he's got his paper comics sorted he's thinking of starting something on the web!

Take Care!