Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Force of gigantic dis

I'm participating to season 6 of Sketchbattle (with AF writing the scripts) - which is a lot of extra drawing but is also good fun. Today KC Green destroyed the other contestant in the best battle since the creation of the website. Just the hands spelling "Bitches" is pure genius - I was transfixed. He should win the season automatically just for that. The guy's comics are very funny - those I've read, anyway, because it would take 10 years to go through all the archives. By the looks of it, he draws two dozen strips per day. And most of them are very good.

Another contestant that I really like is Fabricari. His art is amazing (I'm not so sure about his bespoke sound effects though - zottlx?!?) and he's had a very good idea about setting a webcam on his drawing table so that people can watch him draw in real time. He explains how to do it and I am tempted to set it up too.


Fabricari said...

Yes! Set up the cam! I posted a brief tutorial ( - it's easy - and let me know if you need any help. The world needs more artists doin' this!

(BTW znxtzgsk is the word verification - I'mo give this to Adam so he can use it as a sound effect!)

Gianna said...

I've set it all up but I have nowhere to hold the webcam, my desk is too small and I draw on a Cintiq :/