Saturday, October 21, 2006

Minor things that annoy me

Commentary in some documentaries.
The sensationalist spooky bullshit, specifically. "There's something haunted here... something scary... IN THE POSTAL MUSEUM!"

Labelling in grocery stores.

Tesco, the supermarket where I normally buy my groceries, sells normal sized bananas and slightly smaller, misshapen ones. Instead of calling them honestly grade B bananas or something, they label them "Fun sized bananas". Fun sized? FUN SIZED?!?
Oh yeah... hilarious...right... "Joe! JOE! Oh God, come here, you have to see this!!! IT'S A SMALL BANANA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!". Jesus.


Anonymous said...


I am sorry if this has been brought up before, but what happened to the comic? I have been unable to connect to for over a month. Or are they blocking my ip range?

Gianna said...

The site is up and I don't know why you cannot connect to it. Contact your isp about it, it may be something with their dns tables or whatever they are called. In the meantime displays the latest episode at all times in their humor link. I hope that you can fix the problem :)

Anonymous said...

Gianna, there must be something wrong with your DNS, I can't access The Noob for over a month either.

Can0Spam said...

Those poor banannas are feeling self conscious now. Poor little bananna it's not the size that counts it's the fun facto.... Awe eff it, your grade B and people will always point at you and laugh. (Except that one odd furry over in the corner, but beware of it)

Thanks for bloging again G

Michael said...

Gianna, tesco? Othought the only existed in Hungary.. anyways.. you got a funny life, laughed for 10 min about the banana thingy, damn Family guy have made me laugh for everything ^^ Have a good life!

Anonymous said...

The term "Fun sized" applied to a small version of a product has been around for a long time, I remember Mars made small bars labelled as "fun sized" when I was at junior school (I'm in my 30s now).

I'm not sure what makes them "fun", but I'd guess the idea is that parents could give these small portions to young children at parties etc ("fun time"), without worrying about them filling themselves up with Mars bars and making themselves sick (not to mention fat, but that wasn't such a headline grabber back then.)

"Fun" doesn't necessarily mean it makes you laugh.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to connect to the site for a long time, as well.

I'm not having problems with any other sites so i guess I'll just keep trying from time to time.