Friday, December 16, 2005

Resurrection of the blog

This probably makes it an undead blog.

I've fucked my back and have been in pain for a week now, so no gym - which for the comic is a good thing, since I have time to draw more, or I would if I didn't spend it playing games.

Thing is, I've recently had what I believe to be a middle age crisis, and started an aikido class. I've been doing karate for three years, but apart from one fat lip, a dodgy knee and assorted bruises, I've never been seriously hurt doing it. Aikido, at least for beginners, is deceptively softer, but if you don't know what you're doing, you still end up slamming clumsily your back on the floor over and over and over. Sure, there are mats, but I guess I still messed myself up. I've seen photos of the founder of the art, a creepy old japanese guy throwing to the floor everyone in his path, so maybe it's an activity compatible with senile dementia and sciatica and I have something to look forward to, but starting two days after the last class I've been I am in pain every time I stand up.

Comic... hmm... The next episode that I'm going to draw sometime over the weekend, #158, is an episode that has been in my mind for so long that I've lost all sense of objective judgement on whether it's going to suck or not. It's going to have a fixed background, but it's long, looooong, it's still going to take a while. I can't wait to get over and done with the following three episodes, which are just storyline movers, and get to finally draw Cyborella - the slutty elven queen. I have so much fun scripting her dialogues, *lick lick lick @lololol*. I'm quite keen also on D34dly and YNH's storyline, but I have to pace it slowly because it has to match the other timelines.

What I'm not keen at all is the ZERG storyline (although there is one of the future episodes that I kind of like), I got an insane amount of shit from friends for the lame episode about the giant duck, and who can blame them? I have an upcoming episode which matches the lameness of the duck one, maybe I just go undercover for a few days after I post it.

I'm working on the book 2 file, wondering if I should add some additional material to it, like possibly a Cast page. That means work though! Anathema! Well, time for coffee and for feeling sorry about my back. Waah.

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