Thursday, December 22, 2005


Pre Xmas Syndrome. I still have to buy stuff for xmas and the shopping centre is going to be so packed with people that probably the only way to get close to any merchandise is to shout IT'S CLOBBERING TIME!. Or maybe plan ahead and not shower for a week before going shopping. Fuck this, next year I order everything online down to the wrapping paper. What good is the internet if it doesn't help us to avoid human contact?
#158 seems to be liked, which is a relief. I had it in my mind for so long that I was completely unable to decide whether it was funny or not, like a comedy sketch viewed 20 times. I have vague memories of considering it funny when I first thought about it, but I think that it was last year. #159 is not going to be that great, it doesn't even have a punchline (or anyway the last panel falls below Minimum Punchline Treshold). It's one of those episodes that you need in order to explain what happens next in the story, but that are marginally less lame than a panel of text saying "And then he was told that he should blablah". Maybe I should use the written panel and surround it with random people throwing pies. Oh well.

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