Friday, September 26, 2008

Positive thinking

I've read in an article that the best way to beat negative thoughts is to:
a) Stop the thought in its tracks by telling yourself "Stop!";
b) think something positive, and
c) take a deep relaxing breath.

I have decided to give it a shot but I can already add two caveats:

- don't do it at work meetings or people will think that you're hyperventilating;
- never, ever do it when you are cleaning the cat's litter box.

Warhammer happened and I am sleep-deprived and wondering when I'll be able to finish the next episode. I'll have to work on it all weekend, dammit! STOP! Hey, it's great to stay indoors on a sunny weekend, you know you love it - DEEP BREATH.

I took a political compass test and it looks like I share the same views as Gandhi! I better check out what they were because I'm not too sure.



Ed said...

Well, I'm a sucker for online quizzes, so I couldn't resist it - seems I have similar political views to Ghandi as well. O.o

Just stopped by to quickly show my appreciation for your brilliant comic (I started reading it at number 200 or so, ended up dedicating the rest of the day to reading them!) - there's so much I can relate to in them, unfortunately! :p

Anonymous said...

Your thought about the cats toilet and positive thinking is very wise. :P
I am gandiish too. :o
Well, a bit more to the anarchistic side.

Nigel said...
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Nigel said...

Mine turned out somewhere on the left between Ghandi and Mandela too. I smelled a rat. So I retook it, giving some pretty severe, right-wing responses, and arrived apparently quite close to Gordon Brown. That was worrying.

Anonymous said...

About the Gandhi thing... That's exactly what it told me. That's just weird... You're all reading my mind, aren't you! Government conspiracy in action! Mind control!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't rely on the points they add to the map (Stalin, Gandhi and other politicians) as accurate. The test itself relies more on your choice of words than specifics. Ultimately, without "cheating" the test, it's possible to end up at entirely different places depending on a mere change of tone :).

Danshir said...

I've always used C.(not Crack, but option C). Just stop everything you're doing, take a breath somewhat slower than you usually do*or really slow, whatever*.

Then time and space are warped and..uhh..magic happens.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..I ended up center right.

I was surprised I wasn't far right deep libertarian.

Great comic, looking forward to the next episode.

Red Anjin

juanderossi said...

HI!, probably my post has nothing to do with your blog post...but anyway i had to say this to you!! Your comic it's fucking awesome, i love the way u do it!! I draw all the time but i never found the way to turn what i do into a comic and im amazed how well u can do that.

Please keep the laughs coming this way.

Greetings from Argentina.


mike said...

Well, I have had a 100-episode hiatus from Noob, and after catching up in the new web format, I discover this blog, and your comments on positive thinking. Wonder do an extraordinary imagination and positive thinking coincide? I mean doesn't positive thinking imply a certain mental anesthesia that would undermine the frenetics of your storytelling?

I'm not even a gamer and your art makes me laugh.

axelmonster said...

This is my result

Not very suprised, pretty much what I expected :)

Off topic:
I've been reading your comic for a good while now. I gotta say, like many others, that I can really identify with many of the topics. You really hit the spot with many of the stupid things I've done as a noob in various MMO's.

As for all the whiners in the chat on the site, fuck em, you take your time. I'd rather wait weeks for a good comic, than get a daily or weekly comic of shitty quality.

Keep bringing the laughs :)

David Ford said...

Seems you and I share a political viewpoint :)