Friday, February 29, 2008

Sims2 - It's that time again!

How exciting, today the new expansion of the sims2 is coming out in the UK! I can finally put aside LOTRO pvp for something else - for the full three hours that generally it takes for a Sims2 expansion pack to bore me thoroughly.

In anticipation, I've been checking the official forums and there seem to be several complains about bugs and glitches. The Sims2 have the BEST BUGS EVER:

Sad: "I had a pregnant dog go to work with a bladder that needed emptied. She never came home."

Irritated: "
I am trying to work and all these sims are coming up to me wanting to talk to me through the teddy bear. Please maxis do you really think that in real life someone you don't even know is going to bring a teddy bear up to you and start talking through it to you?" Actually, that'd be awesome.

Irritated 2:
"I also noticed that my guests now use the computer to browse the web and blog about their hobbies. This bothers me a lot although it was probably meant as a feature." Sounds quite realistic to me.

Confused: "
The same sim, I called a taxi for her to go downtown. 'The taxi came, she got in, nothing happened, next thing I know, she is returned by the taxi and I am informed she had a good time and purchased a game." That's EXACTLY what happens to me when I go out and drink too much.


Shaulys said...

Love your comic Gianna!!!Btw you are girl or boy? ;)

Anonymous said...

You know, this blog is pretty funny. You should get more comments.

Bartman said...

When I go out and drink too much, I just don't come home ;D

Boo said...

Sims was always pretty pathetic in the fun factor of actually playing the game. I always enjoyed ways of making my sims go through living hell! Drown them in the swimming pool so they haunt the house...don't feed them. Build a house with no shower....

Anonymous said...

The only part of The Sims that I ever liked was designing the house. Actually playing with the people sucked.

One summer I must have downloaded about 1000+ custom items so that I could build the greatest castle ever. :P

Lun-Sei said...

Ahahah, allora qualcosa di buono nei Sims C'E'!!! XD