Sunday, March 30, 2008

One with nature

Sometimes I have the feeling that life mocks me in subtle ways.

A while ago I noticed the first signs of spring, tees in bud, etc. while I was walking to the train station. It made me think of Disney movies, with little couples of birds in love flying from branch to branch, and I felt uplifted (I know that mental images don't get much gayer than that, but it's not my fault if I watched so many Disney cartoons when I was a child). I reached the station, sat on a bench, and two of the dirtiest, mangiest pigeons that I've ever seen landed right in front of me and had a vicious fight over a crumb.

Last night as I went to bed I had a New Age moment and I put on loop a CD that I downloaded - a relaxation track with sounds of thunderstorm and pan pipes - thinking that it'd be nice to fall asleep and wake up to the sounds of nature. Sure enough, I woke up a few minutes ago to the loud sound of the cat vomiting a hairball. Well, at least it doesn't get much more natural than that.


rogue08 said...

Aww thats kinda sad shows how fictional the cartoons really are.. Why is it that pigeons always follow people when theyre walking but when the people stop and turn around change direction or peck aimlessly at the ground i reckon theres a conspiracy somewhere around there... Love the comic keep on drawing! :D

Jakub said...

Well, nature is hostile as it is, no need to provoke pigeons with leftovers. I almost hit one today with my car. Damned creatures, confused by arriving spring.

Love your comics.

Jakub Stastka

Samuel said...

Last year a couple of my friends and I were sitting in a park in the downtown area of my city. There were a ton of pigeons and this one lady was feeding them breadcrumbs. This continued for about 5 minutes before one of the pigeons got really close to her. Her hand few out grabbing the pigeon and shoving it into her coat. Then she just walked off.

Anonymous said...

I miss clichequest, the sites are down ?? or just unreachable for me ?

Gianna said...

No, the site is up. Try or

Maybe it's caught but some sort of net filter?

Gordon Angelino said...

Oh this is comedy gold!

Lessons to take from this.

1- Do not idealize nature. Most of the time its mangy animals fighting over a few crumbs of energy or plants trying to poison and or crowd out each other.

2- If you want a lovable pet choose a dog. Cats are merely predators that are small enough for us to manage and get lazy enough to pet when well fed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me LOL :)