Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Short Q & A

A reader from Ukraine, Tassadar, wrote to ask some questions - here are the answers.

1) What is you favorite MMORPG ?
Well, I guess that the best game out there at the moment is WoW - although I'm a bit bored with it right now and I'm not playing it. I left it for a long time before and came back for the expansion but now I'm taking another break. I've also bought LOTRO to try it, it's very pretty but it makes me sleepy ;) The part where you play hobbits elves etc has no pvp so it's like playing The Sims. It has a pvp area though, more of that in answer 2. Historically my favorite games were UO and most of all Asheron Call 1.

2) What MMORPG do you think has the best pvp and pk system ?
I agree with you that WoW isn't really a pvp/pk system. I go afk for an hour in places where I will probably be killed because who cares? I can just run back. Battlegrounds are fun for an hour. Arena is fun but again, it's like a minigame. LOTRO has an interesting team pvp setup, where once you are level 10 you can go to a Fell Pool (or something like that) and make a level 50 evil character (orc, warg, etc.) and then fight high level good guys in a contested area that has fortresses that you need to control etc. This is done in raid groups and the bad guys require a lot of strategy to win because they are disadvantaged (but they are usually more skilled). You get points for kills that you can spend on abilities etc. to become stronger. There's in-game voicechat (although quality sucks) so you can logon and be in a pvp raid within 5 minutes, at peak hours. However, it's not free for all pvp in the way that AC1 Darktide was (it was great). I don't play it but I hear often that EVE is the closest you get these days to a free for all pvp setting. As for the future, I hope that Darkfall will finally get released because they promise ffa pvp, and I'm looking forward to trying Conan.

3) About your comic - Have you ever thought about meeting characters of The Noob irl ?
I've met plenty of people in game that inspire the characters. Not as in specific people, but as in human types, the pker, the roleplayer, and so on. But to answer your question specifically, the characters of the Noob are just fictional characters - I never actually thought that I'd like to meet them irl ;)


Sebastiano MandalĂ  said...

if you are looking for pvp, you should give a look at www.tcos.com ;)

Anonymous said...

yep, EvE Online really is the place to go for PvP, as soon as you leave the "safe" areas you can attack and be attacked at will, heck you can even be attacked in the areas meant to be safe! But remember, there's no pointy ears in space, yet.... :)

PS: BTW, god I love this comic, just spent the best part of the day reading all 200+ episodes I'd missed, keep up the good work!

HFox said...

hmm...just seen this....maybe take a look at www.knownlands.com....trying for a pnp feelin online....also...has a slant on perma death...now that would be interesting in your little strip.....also have to hold my hand up and say...I am biased as I am a dm on this world....

...keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Oh Asheron's Call, I remember the days arching huge giants and trolls during the end of the beta version. You should definitely try www.eternal-lands.com.